A Dream Is a Curious Thing

A dream is a curious thing,
With an odd and understandable spring.
You may find yourself hanging by a string,
On a stage where you could be revealing,
An appealing, free wheeling, elephant, who has the ability to sting.

But through all confusion,
(You may come to conclusion,)
That a dream is a curious thing.

As you lay fast asleep in your bed,
(Your hair drooping lazily over both sides of your head)
Talking over a case of a stolen sled,
You just are now wondering, why in the world is my house painted red?
While your friend detective calmly says,
"Well, Mr. Throw, your sled was stolen in the snow,
Which leads us to know,
That the thief's footprints led to the shed,
The one in which, has all the cornbread.

But through this illusion,
(Despite all your confusion,)
You again come to conclusion,
That a dream is a curious thing!

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