A Dream to a Nightmare to a Lesson

I never believed dreams came true
Until the day i met you,
I just felt a strong connection between us two.
But out of nowhere,
You left me hurt and confused.
I consistently ask myself,
" What did i say or what did i do? "
You just left me with no clues.
This is where my dream turns into a nightmare.
What i thought would be a fairytale,
Turned into a fear.
This nightmare didn't just scare me,
It also brought tears.
When i told you i love you
I thought that you would care.
My dream turned out to be,
another heartbreaking story i could share.
As it continued, it changed,
It went from hurt and pain
To something quite insane.
A dream to a nightmare to a lesson.
Nomore passive aggression,
I reminded myself that i am a blessing.
Sometimes you gotta take broken promises as a lesson
And run with it.
Yeah, the promise wasn't fulfilled,
But eventually your trust bar will refill,
And someone will come around,
You just have to be strong enough to rebuild.

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