A Dreamer

Oh to stay in the land of the dreams where no one harms with wicked schemes . Where worry has no weight, and strife no place, where tis no past or future there is just a dream. When something doth go wrong, you just dream and make it right. When there is thought of pain, regret or wo, you just forget and there it go. Some times I wish to stay in the land of the dreamer day by day for then though my problems still may be, I would no more know their torment, no longer know their pain, but as I start to think of the joy to stay a dreamer, then doth crawl into my mind the thoughts of joys be left behind, the thought of a child laughing play, the thought that good might come today. Then after I have thought trough the joys of life, weighed against the sorrow strife, I find its best to be dreamer, but one awake to life and all its joys. For without them there is no need to dream of dreams not meant to be.

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