A Drink With Me

My pounding head
It weighs so heavily
My churning stomach
Turns so violently
The chaos inside
Fuels my drive
This is how I am to get from here to there
The chaos inside I do steer
The raging bull that is my spirit
It's horns pierce my inner self
The pain is necessary to stay the journey
I another shot
Twilight hours
The sound of the bullet
Biting my innards
My name on the gin bullet
To sleep the creeping demon
That rears its head
Another shot
I or it might be dead
Another glass
To peer right through
Another glass
A muddled view
So have a drink with me
It is many
A drink for each
For I am many
Each voice a shot
We will draw lots
The ones that fade
Changes me I do abate
Enter darkness
The familiar friend
Another night
We will meet again

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