A Dummy, A Nothing, A Loser

Get off that couch, you lazy bum.
Can’t you see there’s work to be done?
‘Tis enough for at least two, maybe three,
Yet, alas, all I have is thee.

So get up, and get out, and work for your bread.
You’ll have plenty of time to rest, once you’re dead.
And don’t forget the little mouths that need to be fed.
So, don’t just stand there, can’t you hear what I’ve said?

You must pick up your chin and give ’em a smile,
Because, you know, you’ll be at this for awhile.
And you don’t want them to get the wrong impression,
Or the harsh reality of this life is gonna teach you a lesson:

That you must find the approval of your daily abuser,
‘Les they think you a dummy, a nothing, a loser.
So stop your stammering, this is nothing new.
Go now, and do what I told you to do.

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