a faint glimmer

A faint glimmer caught his eye…
If effort alone could…change the World, I’d be good
Her biggest fear had always been…starting over
But here she was starting anew she was trying to outmaneuver
If effort alone could…help her let go, then she’d be done with goodbyes
A faint glimmer came from her nuclei…
Like flower pedals, their soft faces encouraged her to let go of judgment and become a voice of praise
If effort alone could…tell her story, she wouldn’t speak
Her biggest fear had always been…doing wrong
But here she was apart of women in the West & she hated wearing sarongs
If effort alone could…make her somebody, she wouldn’t need to follow any modern-day spiel
A faint glimmer started her appraisal…
Like the Sun rising out of an Ocean horizon, she was climbing out of the abyss
She was just peaking over the waves of chaos
She knew the Sun didn’t end the day because it was too frightening to rise
Rather, lighting up the darkness the Sun would familiarize
Going across horizons like sunbeams were playing motocross
She followed in the footsteps of the Sun & didn’t need to be afraid
A faint glimmer caught his eye…it was a sparkle of the Sun
It darted across the horizon & disappeared
She was afraid to be seen as something sparkling
The day was nowhere near over, but her light was sparse
Over the Cliff, she let her light peer
But she was too afraid to have begun
Shine that light a little closer
Don’t let that faint glimmer die into your fears
My love, do you think the Sun gives up on a scary day
No, she’s there behind the clouds having a heyday
So don’t let the nature of your own horizon become something that interferes
If the Sun alone could…change the World, we need to let her shine from within to get this exposure
The light within she wouldn’t let freeze into a glazier
A glimmer she’d shine brighter turning eyes into blears
She just wanted you to know it was no longer her doomsday

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