A Fallen Idol

Bane . . . that is all that I have of a name
Bereft of meaning . . . sodden in shame
For I have sinned sinners' sins
And can't recall where to begin
My saga . . . my burden
I was born in a time of drought
A time of worry, a time of doubt
A child not sown from the seeds of passion
But from violence and guilt
It's from these I was fashioned
By the time I knew right from wrong
I knew too well it was wrong that was strong
And so I did unto others as was done to me
All along
Whelped by fear and nursed by the dark
No idol to speak of, no light, no spark
I became the black in the black of the night
And I grew from frightened into fright
I am what sneaks up behind
I am that nagging thought
I am that fear that you fear
You thought you forgot
Or regretted
As I once too regretted even myself
Bane . . . that is all that I have of a name
But I have you my lovely
In mind.

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