A Fallen Warrio’s Prayer

A Fallen Warriors Prayer
The jungle was all around him, the night sounds had died away.
Close by were his friends, some lay dying, others were wounded
and help was far away. The young soldier prayed that they
would all be delivered and taken home by those who were
coming to rescue them that night.
The noises began again, the explosions and sounds of weapons
being fired were everywhere. There were screams in the jungle,
"Medic, I'm hit" , "help Billy" , they are all around us, yet
in the night one young warrior not yet 21 stood and fought
the enemy away. The choppers came in spewing fire, bombs were
dropped on the enemy that night. All were rescued though several
later died. No one knew who the young soldier was that kept the
enemy at bay, only that he had saved all their lives that night,
those who survived.
To this day, we who were there will never forget how one soldier
took the time to pray and how his prayers were answered that
night, for he who prayed was the last to fall and it was he
who was among those who did not live to see the daylight that
next day.

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