A Faltered Flower

I am a flower that blossomed.
Your smile met my petals,
And you plucked me.
However, you soon met me with repulsion.
Tearing my leaves, you left me with scars and bruises.
I thought I was the pearl you were searching for,
But you threw me back into the sea.
Laying on the ground, my throat is parched
And my eyes were too wet for the ground to absorb.
My heart, ripped.
My stem, battered.
I thought my love would nourish you,
But you crumpled me in your fist unmercifully.
Helplessly I call to my creator to revive me with his rain.
I need his gentle grace to cope with my tragedy.
With his mercy, he commanded the skies to sob.
Soon after, he commanded the winds to caress my petals.
Oh God, I am so scared.
My childhood was spent under your tender care,
And ended too soon.
Will my roots be able to go back into the ground again?
Will I become a stronger, beautiful flower?
I am withering at a rapid pace.
I do not know if I can grow again someday....

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