A family Torn

I give God my problems as I lay them on his plate,
No time for a pity party must wipe these tears from my face,
Can't let the devil drag me back to that place,
I'm too far ahead in this race.
I broke down I was hurt I threw things and I cried,
Then that part of me just died.
Wanting the love of a father or mother,
The love of family a sister or brother.
I feel like I was just served a big plate of shit.
The craziest part is how I just swallowed it.
I'm not afraid anymore of being that left out child,
Cause left out... Who says? Left out how?
I'm not left out I may be amongst you,
But God is with me in ALL I go through.
So used to the hurt & to the puppet strings,
Didn't know what love was amongst other things.
Now I finally escaped,
Who knew the pain would break.
But it did now I'm free,
I don't need y'all to define family.
I will procreate & create creations God gives me to create,
Don't show up in the future years cause its already too late.
Like take this very second for instance...
I will still love y'all but this time from a distance!

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