A fan’s diary

A little baby wrapped in cloth,face as bright as the brightest floor
Laid in bed staring at me and I've known him ever since
I loved to blow his hair and he'd always laugh
He'd throw dresses at me,every towel and scarf
As a boy, he'd stand on a stool,placing his finger and watch it spin
I thought to myself,"what a fool" but i became a fool myself
Once I watched him grin

As a teen,he was seldom present,roaming with friends, playing a lot
He'd only stare at me for a second,room shut,when his parents fought
As he grew up,I was jealous of his phone
Which he now stared at,all day
He seemed to be all alone,never slept and never played

As time passed,he seemed weakened,slept much,cried some days
Eyes sunken,skin darkened,even the worst floor was better than his face
One day he came close,standing on a stool,after a long while
I was so happy when he touched me but on his face i couldn't find a smile
He threw a scarf at me,finally,some fun
But then he was doing something and after a while he spun

I'll blow your hair,i said,no reply
What a strange game,i thought and after a few days i saw him again
Like a little baby wrapped in cloth
It's hurtful to see someone i care,lose their interest to live
All my life I'd given him air,there is no more left to give

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