A father

This a tale of a person every child knows.
Eternal love it shows.
It starts when he holds a child's finger.
And he never leaves it from the very day on which in this world
the child enters.
Making him/her how to talk.
Making him/her take his/her life's first walk.
Nurturing the child to his best.
Never let him/her weep at any cost.
He protects him/her like a tree's shed.
No matter how hard life he himself led.
Always ready to fulfil the child's wish.
Without being selfish.
He tells him/her the difference of right and wrong.
He cares for him/her lifelong.
He never dares to share his worries.
Making the child feel everything is at ease.
No matter how much he suffers.
No word of pain he utters.
Even when the child grows older.
His love for him/her never grows colder.
He is no less than a boon.
When he/she grows up he/she would realise it later or soon.
He is no other.
He is a father. He is a father.

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