A Father’s Final Plea

Her life spins into a downward spiral
Engulfing her like a massive tidal
She uses the meth to subside the storm
Serenity and peace, comes in false form

Depression and anxiety live on
Happiness and delight, have long been gone
The battle continues deep down inside
Addiction and mental pain, she's denied

The drug's damage is done and begins to drain
Its talons sink deep, driving her insane
Rage and rabid thirst, dominate her soul
Blood thirsty desire, she cannot control

With her parents, live her daughter and son
Then there's the unborn, what about that one?
Is it too late for a natural life,
or one bursting with habitual strife?

Lord listen to me and hear my last plea
Protect and bring my daughter home to me
Death is peering around each dark corner,
waiting with patience to pounce upon her

Don't make me have to place her in the ground
That closing coffin, a horrible sound
If a life is required, then it must be
In her stead, I beg, take my life from me

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