A Father’s Poem

(for my precious son - Jude)

I could not believe it
The words that she had to say.
How could you just stand there
Let her speak of your son this way?

You are his only father
God gave him to you to raise.
You call yourself a Christian
But from him you have walked away.

For the very short time you were with him
You taught him what you thought he should do,
So maybe now the problems you state
Are because he grew up to be just like you!

You lay the blame on me it seems
Say I am the reason for all that you see,
I think the blame should be taken away
For he is just a child - not yet a man has he learned to be.

Again you claim a Christian you are
But see the God I worship said this before,
“Fathers do not provoke your children”
He said in Ephesians 6:4.

He gave instructions on what a father should do
Left no interpretation up to you.
He gave you a son to raise up for Him
So I ask if what your doing would the Lord approve?

In 20 years when he has come to be
The man you do not know,
Maybe you will understand
For in the Bible the stories are all told.

Read of King David, Eli or Jacob
And you will see what comes to unfold
About the absences of fathers
Who chose God’s word not to uphold.

So as I end this story
Please do not proclaim your faith to me,
For see it is the Lord
You are disobeying He.
^j^ ^j^ ^j^

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