A Feint Signal


I once saw God and lost Him.
When the oceans of life raged.
And the fabric that clothed my existence,
Offered no comfort from the madness within.
I saw Him a silent power 
Pointing me to sanity.

And in the prelude of my defining moment.
At the apex point of any human life.
He had brushed against me.
Leaving His divine essence churning at everything I thought I knew.
And when all was calm.
I turned to look and I saw Him not in the engulfing peace.

In the old days to see God was to die.
In this times to die is to see Him.
Not the death that living creatures transit
Again not in the lack of what we deem pertinent.
At the very fringes of our vain understanding.
Signals the outstretched arm of a benevolent Creator.

Throughout the earth man cries out to God.
Whenever hopelessness and waste mockingly gapes at us.
Some cry in dire helplessness, others out of habit.
Some out of scarcity of options, others in blasphemy.
But He answers out of His choosing.
Out of the heart that cries to Him in contrition.

Yet for those He answers, how glorious it is to exist inside His vast confines.
An experience so revealing washing away the inhibitions of the eyes.
Even though for a fleeting second, how sweet is His thundering voice,
That dispels all forms of which fear disables mankind.
Its easy to wonder how Adam must have felt,
When the breathe of God came upon his muddy lips.

Today I might've lost Him in the pride that boasts in my heart.
In the fears that persistently blows me away.
Yet this heart of mine remembers.
He did not appear to set me free from strife even though He did.
But to make me know that He is there, a fierce fire that stokes through eternity. 

He doesn’t just free the weak from weakness.
In Him exists no knowledge of weakness.
He moves through His creatures,
And in His strength they are strengthened.
He is beyond the stretches of technology
Above in heaven where there is no restrains of universal matter.

I don’t know why I lost Him?
My mind wills to find Him but the atmosphere around denies me.
Before Him I was dwarfed by his might and strength.
Which can’t be contained nor withstood in all dimensions of space.
Never will I forget how I felt, because,
With that same power my wild self was tamed.

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