A Field of Moonlight

she held the sword up to the sky,
ready to swing,
not ready to die.
she looked at the shadowy figure in front of her,
and suddenly all memory was forgot
for that figure was a mirror and it filled her
with thought.
She dropped her weapon, dragging on her side
she could've stabbed herself right there
spewing blood from inside.
But instead she stood,
Moonlight glaring.
And into that mirror, she spent three minutes staring.
holding her breath, counting to ten
she held up the might sword once again
and as she looked into the reflection that sought her,
she stared into the eyes of the loneliest daughter.
In Neptune's delight she would dance until dawn
and then a new worry, a new town,
would move on.
The girl dropped her dagger and it lay in the field.
For all of this empty hatred must yield.

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