A Final Goodbye

A pleading heart may not be heard
But trust me, it is there
It rides upon the desert sand
And settles in the air
A voice is drowned in sorrow-
For a time, we sympathize
It pricks our hearts from dawn till dusk
When we close our eyes-
Then it's gone, carried away
By some other thought
Yet, that heart still pleads and the voice still cries
It's what the hunger wrought
In the dark of the night, when the goal's within reach,
It asks us to please turn an ear
For maybe its brothers could at least have a chance
To survive the harsh famine of fear
In the dust of the day and the heat of the night
In the eye of the storm and the tears of their plight
They call out to you to reach out to them,
To close up the gap and stitch up the hem
Our faces are clean and their faces are stained
For them, it's been years since the cloudless sky rained
We reach for a faucet, not a blink in our eye
They reach for the wells which have long since run dry
So tonight when you sleep to a sweet lullaby
Their heart pumps its last for a final goodbye

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