A Fine Christian Woman

How many times when I jiggled your tassels
You came forth like the Christian woman that you were.
Now I spend those evenings by myself
Listening to myself sing praises of the world you live in.

Who broke the lock from my window last night?
Was it you? No?
Maybe it was him.
And who stole the keys from my grey Chevrolet?
You said it was an accident.
But it's alright... it's alright
I know a good song when its comes.

How many times when I jiggled your tassels
The Christian woman that you were
Came forth and said to me
You are an evil man.

Should I have:
Listened to you then
Before you stole what was rightfully mine,
Should I have cried
Or said to you
No. I was only kidding.

So much for that idea.

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