A First Lady

Barrack Obama got a "First Lady" in Michelle ,
and I am hoping to have a "First Lady" in you.
"First Ladies" have now become women down with their
men in striving to make dreams come true.
Being my "First Lady" , you will not have to demand
your right for respect,
and the rights to pursue our future goals are rights for which
I will fight to protect.
"The First lady" I envision in you is one that's
confident and strong.
One that will speak up without any shame,
if she felt or saw something going wrong.
As my "First Lady" , you will be served the
love and affection that you are rightly due.
I will not try to carry you too fast, but,
if will prove how great my interest is in you.
Even though I am not the Chief Executive of the
United States of America,
I will represent as if I were,
And if asked about my ability to maintain,
I would relish the opportunity to point to you and say,
"It's because of her."
"Be my "First Lady"

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