A Fish Or Else

I sat by the river and cast in my reel,
Hoping for the big one to catch for a meal.
Though hour after hour there with patience I sat,
Not one nibble one bit where we're them fish at.
When the last worm was stole my patience grew thin,
I threw down my hat and was cursing within.
I finally calmed down when a big one I had,
But he escaped with a grin and that's when I got mad.
Up went my sleeves to water I flew,
Splashing and grabbing like a chimp from the Zoo.
I'd get this fish as my lip curled in a snub,
I thought as I grabbed if I only had a club.
I'd beat em to death and then hustle em home
I'd fry him and eat him then laugh at his bones.
Wham then it hit me and I got my head back,
Then I knew what had happened and where I was at.
In the middle of the lake all sloppy and wet,
As the creature swam bout me and laughed at my threat.
I thought gee I hope no one saw this ordeal,
So I snuck to shore side and picked up my reel.
I cleaned myself up, and at home with a hum,
I bragged of the big one I gave to a bum.

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