A Fish

I’m the unfortunate fish who has
Swallowed your bait.
Wish I would have been careful, but
Caution’s come much too late.
Because now your Cupid’s arrow is
Caught deep in my throat,
While you sit,
Unaware, there in your boat.
I’m up to the gills in love with you!
But it seems you haven’t even the
Slightest clue; you haven’t noticed that
I’ve gulped down your glittering lure,
And that since I’ve met you my life’s
Been a dizzying blur, that’s got me
Sputtering and flopping in confusion,
Wondering if your feelings match mine,
Or if that’s my own wishful illusion.
I continue to swim in panicked distress,
Waiting for you to set me free!
Or...end this whole mess.
But you have fallen asleep,
Carelessly let your rod
Slip into the brook,
Leaving my heart to be forever
Skewered, stuck with your
Cruel and sharp hook.

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