The world knows him very well crosswise
Even the Democrats cannot deny it from Kenya to Russia
Blow his blonde hair that to the winds fly as
Hillary said " it's a shame , he never laugh " but lo
When he smiles, majestic machovism spires
O my soul to spire but too much of Trump's kind
And now he is immune thanks to covid -19 he's back
Ah, to think not me but for this land he loves so much
While I think I'm nothing my heart feels humbled too
But this land is like him now that he madeit great
The same who shall lead the world with United States
But who will endure in those days o'er the earth?
For many will be taken so as many will be left
Science or man? It's the Church until the Rapture comes
For truly, prior to science demise, the citizens are
Already six feet ("distancing") below the ground
Let alone the climate change to last as a blessing
Foiled by Pelosi and opportunistic propagandists -
The globalists judging with envy's fame, who is next?
Heaven knows, dark lives love incense but grieve
Yet they want to fight and remain progressive in chaos
With abortion, death penalty and illegal aliens in tow
Like a FIEND, they don't know the real change
Unlike FRIENDS whom Jesus "made it known to you"
Abiding shall we be, others are reluctant as can be
But to whom this greatness stands but only for Trump.

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