A Flash of Love

It's not something that's easy to forget, like your favorite movie.
Or a song that you play over and over again
without getting tired of it.
It's a feeling. An embrace.
It'll take you over,
and it's hard to get out of it once you've felt it.
It's not always something you'd like to snatch in your heart
and let it flow through it's own way of making you feel
at peace, happy, recognized.
It's just... love.
Something that every single human beging should feel.

A partnership, with one another.
Of course, life will take it's own turns,
and love isn't perfect all the time.
But once you've found the person that makes you cherish the moments
you have in life with them,
and makes you laugh so hard you feel like crying...
then that's when I say love is not sapposed to be taken for granted,

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