A Florid Rose Amidst The Daisies

Take a look, see, I'm not like everyone else.
I can get inside your head.
I can make you hurt yourself.
For I am the reddest rose that grows amidst the daisies.
You know, you shouldn't trust me.
I'm aloof, dark and crazy.
I've watched you for days.
I've been inside your house.
I've hidden in your closet.
I even stole your blouse.
It still carries a trace of your sweet perfume, the one that smells like Gardenias.
Spring, florals in bloom.
Excluded, shut out, they left me behind on purpose.
I tried to crawl through their windows but they all closed their curtains.
No one will notice. No one will care.
Missing in the darkness, you'll vanish into thin air.
Lily of the valley, sweet lily of peace.
Why is there tremulous blackness?
Why is that all I see?

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