A Fool's Journey

There’s always the possibility to escape.
We all have the potential to expand unlimitedly.
The Fool is a Superhero but wears no cape.

Here is when adventure is felt lickedy-split.
In this place, what’s lethal is routine.
Some of us just get tired of doing nothing but sit.

Maybe it’s really wanting a change of a bad re-running scene.
Only the fool could tell you what makes it so exhilarating.
It’s a good journey to pursue if you choose the right things to see.

Getting away from it all starts with taking old habits and exhaling.
Show the World what it really means to have adventures.
Yes, I’m saying Life starts with escaping.

There’s a World out there to start helping and loving, don’t be adamant.
It’s only the jester’s Fool’s journey if there lies no purpose.
Gliding towards the edge of a cliff with the Sun lighting your way means you’re truly an artist.

Don’t say you’re too young or old, go get some new perceptions.
The next one to change the World is the Fool who chased his passions whole-heartedly.
Trade in the desire to be famous for the luck of heads-up pennies.

Make your sandwich with white bread just to diss the healthiness of whole wheat bread.
Let your mind be the emotions and your heart be an organ.
Next thing you know a Revolution for modern days you will have lead.

This all lies within, so your soul’s asking please don’t be opposing.
You can’t buy authentic life changing moments with money.
Winning the Ultimate prizes means loving everything including the opponents.

Be the only Lion in the Zoo getting along with shit-throwing monkeys.
Pride around without harm like there’s no fences.
Love every day of your life and go for your own journey.

Forget the warning that this World is a Zoo.
Fuck it, get out there, you have a passion to pursue.

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