A Fools Paradise

Why do fools fall in love?
Is it because they're foolish and don't understand the stipulations of it?
Or did they find someone just as foolish
they don't mind being foolish with?
You can't question love, because it isn't logical at times
Love will have you seem blind
Because all the flaws your lover has can make them be one of a kind
But in the outside looking in,
an understanding a person couldn't find,
but being it's not them it's not meant for their mind
Because love can have you crazy sometimes
People will think you've changed,
but your mate just brings out a piece of you that makes you not seem the same
With a healthy lover,
that stimulates your mind
your essence becomes much more divine
But as fools we fall in love sometimes
Days and days of us devoting our time
With tingles and chills that run down our spines
This all comes with that thing called love we fools seem to find
Rhymes and lines that run through our minds To remind you that you're mine
and that our love is a star that not only twinkle but shines
We are all fools that fall in love time after time
But are we really fools or is people just blind,
for the fact that with love,
your mind screams do or die
The mean becomes the meek in a short period of time
the meek short circuits to shrieks from their lovers demise
You know it would be a lie if a person say that they we never foolish at times
Because love is a fools paradise.

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