A Forbidden Love

Day after day dating knight after knight
She could find no one in sight
She was looking for a love so true
Would she find such love in eyes of blue
Her finest diamonds nor her tamest mare
Could not compare
For all the love her heart could bare
It was love at first sight
One look took them to a different height
Floating higher than a flying kite
One kiss begging down on his knees
Her asking him, ask my daddy please
Her daddy told him there would be no ring
No white dress no soft skin to caress
One night they met under an oak tree
Only the moon and stars they could feel and see
She left the only home she ever knew
He left everything to experience a love so true
Don't get me wrong they don't live
Happily ever after
They share bad times as well as good
He would take a bullet through his chest for her
And she a piercing arrow through her heart for him
With a blink of an eye
Without shedding a tear
Their love can't be compared.

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