A Friend to Start Over With

There's no such thing as failure,there's just start again
And you and I shall do so,my friend
What one considers a one another considers a ten
The beholder's eye on which perception depends
Dwell upon life so as to inquire
About the answers to it and the questions it sires
Just when we think we're done and retired
We've a long way to go 'til we quit or we fired
As we continue to fruitlessly pine
Not realizing that it's only a matter of time
Before you and I leave this world behind
Either by our own hand or,perhaps,by design
We try and try and fail to succeed
As principal is often usurped by greed
The latter some perceive as a need
As if to prove themselves human,they must make themselves bleed
We can be in a crowd and still be alone
We can be a stranger even when we're at home
We're scared little children only physically grown
A sin for which we'll likely never atone
We're words in a novel that's yet to be finished
We're embers of a fire yet to be extinguished
We abandon what we used to embrace
We turn our back on who and what we once faced
Among the few that we haven't,the alluded to friend
With whom we don't fail,we just start again

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