A funny thing happened on my way to hell

A funny thing happened on my way to hell.

My story starts like most of them do
The normal kid and normal life too
A Happy childhood as most of them go
Nothing there to speak of just like The story goes

I grew up like others I was 6 7 and 8
Seemed to me my life then was going to turn out great
9 10 11 and 12
Looking back at my life on the shelf
All my toys and games like every kid had
I had everything I needed
I never was sad

So now I'm a teen and I know everything
Just like every other boy
And I had big dreams.
A rockstar, a writer, star in a movie or two.
I had every dream planned
And just like you did too.

Now I'm out of school
And I'm out on my own
My family is still behind me
But my, how I've grown.
That little boy has turned into a man
Im out in the world doing everything i can.

That's when I met the one that was coming.
The beautiful one that would be the other
The one that would give me
All of my dreams.
And make them come true...
at least it would seem.

You see falling in Love is a scary and a blinding thing
You just never know what it's going to bring.
The first years are happy and everything's clear.
Life just goes on and you forget fear.

For so many years my life just went on
Always just walking with her, but alone.
Holding my hand and leading me down
Further and further
A winding staircase
A hole in my heart.
Leading me to
The death of my heart.

A funny thing happens on your way to hell
You believe the devil and all that she sells.
She took me down this dark winding path.
Never believing the power she had.
Forever selling this beautiful dream
The one filled with lies and hateful things.

For 23 years I've stood alone
Facing a demon that lived in my home.
You see now I know what I never could see
I've opened my eyes now I can breathe
The beautiful one was a trick of the night
Dragging me down and covering my sight
Never quite letting me be the man that I need
And always just always barely letting me breathe.
For 23 years I lived in this life
On my way to hell with the one called my wife.

One day I stood up and opened my eyes
What a shock it was to her surprise
Someone was there reaching for me
Someone deep in a dark scary dream
In a world of darkness and hopeless abandon
A small Ray of light in front of me standing.

As she reached for me I heard these words.
More beautiful words I've never heard.

As you lie asleep
And dreaming tonight
I'm fighting your Darkness
To bring you the light.
That light of love
that you have never had.
With beauty inside it
And powerful brightness.

It's brilliant and Powerful
Its blinding, it's true
It's a love that I'll give you
That's ever so true
It as green as the grass
It's as blue as the sky
It's as pretty as a rose
With a Raindrop inside

I will give it to you freely
And abundantly clear
just hold out your hand
And take it. don't fear
my Arms wrapped around you
holding you tight
Darkness won't find you
we will live in the light.

You see funny thing happens on your way to hell
If you open your eyes and look up to the sky
You might just see God sitting by your side.
Open your heart and accept the love
And angels will sing for you from above.
© right now

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