A Future Without Nurses

A son sits with his father in the hospital's waiting room.
The son says, "I hate this place; it's full of sadness and gloom.
No one takes care of Mom; no one hears her when she cries!
If this goes on too long, do you think that she could die?"

"It wasn't always like this; hospitals used to heal.
Since the nurses have gone, hospitals lost their ability to feel."

"What is a nurse, Father? Could they help her to get well?"

"I knew many nurses once, my son, and of their virtues, I will tell.
I was very sick, long ago, full of pain and fear,
The nurses had a healing presence. I wasn't afraid when they were near.
The nurses had skill, humor, and a compassion, which is rare.
They helped to heal my ailing body; without them I would not be here.
Then some very greedy men uttered a terrible cry!
We can't afford the nurses anymore; without them, we'll be fine.
The nurses were slowly forced to leave, until not one could be found.
Doctors cried, 'They're our hearts, when we're not around!'
The doctors are alone now, without any nurses here.
Mom's doctor can't go home at night and sleeps here in a chair.
The doctors are busy, since the nurses' jobs they must now do.
For the hats the nurses wore were many, and the doctors are too few."

The son said, "Father, I pray every day that Mom will soon be well."

"I also pray for God's help, my son, but only time will tell."

"I wish there was a nurse here now; the doctors would sure like that!"

"That would be wonderful, son, for no one else can wear their hats."

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