A gathering

When lilacs are lovers and twin turbines turn in twinkling fashion, the central eye of the ibex always smiles to the daisy crown perched on the head of a fairy cake. It is possible to wander in cloaked attire in mystic realms of fortification. But a fortification is not fortified nor flossed. In out dated garments of the many vegetables it can be seen that there is a complacency of charms. A categorism of cats can be narrowed down to the following:





But never an "Om" in an omnipotent otter pie. For seals send several shark secretaries for secret sexual meetings that occur every hour on the hour. With full shell bell bellies that bellow in buttresses.  

Will you bring a bing bong bell?

Will you bring a choral cattle chorus?

Line up line up for the latest update is that the tomatoes have escaped from their spray pen and are heading out. Down lanes,highways,roads and dual carriageways. Squelch is not a sequel and neither is it a sequence either. It is no secret that legs of tomatoes run at speeds that are said to be over the speeds of sound, light and smell too. Therefore when making a salad it is safer to grow your own where you can be assured that the produce will be natural and therefore have no legs.  

Wild is the world of woven wire and wire is a wreckage of wonder that wishes to be wonderful and wild. Wilderness speaks to those ears who can chant "Kalakalakalakalakala" to the parsnips who pass. This must be repeated daily at intervals of one and three quarter seconds.  

It is unimportant to answer the question from sleeping sleepwalking hound who mumbled "Now who burnt the album sleeve?". It is also unimportant to wade through cheese today. As one is standing as still as a satin sheet in a force nine gale. "A galaxy opera in a mindset of hidden archaic anthology" spoke the passing fish in solemn state but also giggling at the jellyfish who were balancing on top of all the lamps. Pages 5820 - 582058205920

'Guide for the explorer of interfaces' by Philip Petroleum & Robert Remotesa. 49195 AD and BC yet to be seen. As BC is a battling cake stand running past a cliff without a parachute.  

Now we can all take forty eight minutes and play eighteen games of badminton with the ducks.  

Did you hear the stomping sounds from the passing wildebeests at six o'clock this morning?

"Now eat a piece of cheese and sing to twenty gathered moons" said the oven to the slow cooker.  

Harpooning a jalapeño today?

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