A Gatsby Poem

an ache for a golden strand of hair,
that is electrifying in itself,
and when god welcomes us through his gates,
we'll be holding hands,
and grinning like it means something,
because we cheated life like a bunch of madmen.
fugazi fools of fur and plastic diamonds,
bel air times and hot July,
marlboro smoke, suck in,
orange burning desire,
classy charades and hide and seek,
which turned into a maze of veins,
connecting to my heart line,
which you played like a puppet,
and i knew but a gold haired girl doesn't care,
but oh, you can channel every god,
and light up a stage,
and keep a summer night humid,
a son of a god,
a titan of the 21st century,
a tan and a kind heart,
a victim of a poet,
and so they say, you'll never die,
Because i love you.

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