A Gentle Breeze

Walking the distance
To places unknown
I sit down on the ground
I imagine a throne.

The birds in the trees
Recognize me .
The wind blows a familiar breeze .
Leaves crunch .

Peering at the sunset,
I cry.
The majestic wonder!
The wonders of God!

I hear the insects
Ants work as hard as they can
The stillness of the water
Waves hardly crashing

Then, in hindsight I see
Somebody looking at me.
As if I am on my throne, I still
Then clutch my hand on my phone.
Reality settles in.
The crunch of the leaves
Was the sound of walking.
The birds were issuing a warning.
The wind was blowing an ominous message.
The insects were headed for the opposite direction.

And still,
I still.
I wait.
I hear thumping.
It’s the sound of my heart.
The pounding takes over me
As a shadow appears.
I tense.
I know it is the end.
The end.
The end.

Like a gentle breeze,
I try to squirm.
Escape the embrace.
A quick blow to the area
Is all I need for a getaway.
I’ve done it!
And, I ramble
To safety.

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