A ghost House

I'm the ghost in the weeds, I stand to watch you move on.
As People See the house where we first owned together.
I still have the image of you in my head.
How much we loved one another I'm just the one in a white sheet with two eye holes.
as I probably know you moved on.

I'll always float on through the end of the string that holds our hearts.
My image of you is a perfect love poem.
I remember you told me you to wrote poetry to help you.
With the things that make you happy.
I remember hiding them all over the house.

You hid them from me and I told you that I do the same.

I found one of them in the wall and in the bedroom.
I take out one of them and it crumbles in my hand.
I'm just the ghost in A ghost house.

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This Poems Story

It's a ghost poem in a different sense. It's about losing the memories you have with someone, but then it goes away like a bad mind or sad thought. This poem represents that moment when you share with someone else.