A Girl Named Crystal...

I'm in love with a girl named Crystal
She's more dangerous than a loaded pistol
Sometimes she's got me running the streets
Other times I just wanna get freaky in the sheets
She does something crazy to my head
If I don't leave her alone I might end up dead
Or in jail for robbing a storage shed
She has me feeling like nothing can stop me
She even has me trying to fix this broken VCR from the nineties

I need to put her behind me
But so many things remind me
Of all the sleepless nights we had
Some were good.. some were bad

She's got me buying things someone found in a garbage can
When I'm with her I'm not proud of who I am
I love her, but I hate her
I want to kill whoever made her
But at the same time they deserve a reward

She makes countries go to war with themselves
Once you touch her your life will be hell
So you better stay clear of Crystal
Because she's more dangerous than a loaded pistol..

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This Poems Story

To be completed by Casey Foreman from jail at a later date..