A Girl Not To Be

Girl in the night
Blinds his sight
Maddening mirage
Midwinter night barrage
Of what will never be

Burning anticipation
Hazy memory of her face
Stream of exhilaration
Thoughts of her embrace

Cirano cannot stay away
He’s found a Roxane in his day
A reason to fight the building gray
He finally crosses the shrinking doorway
And writes down what he should have said

He could be a warm hand
She would grab to feel the sand
From the shore of her dreams
Too often forgotten it seems

She could be a soft bed
He’d lay on to forget his dread
By feeling the past and future
They would hold together

They could comprehend
Life is a long dead end
You cope with night and day
Hopefully with a love in sway

When they’d feel its coldness
They could get together
And watch the shadow
Of subsequent happiness
Grow behind its icy glow

And yet Roxane callously stays away
There can be no Cirano in her day
Only the forever building gray
A quickly shrinking doorway
To find her own way

Only something passive and dull
That holds her as a bragging right
When it should tearfully hold her
As the beautiful epitome of its life

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This Poems Story

This is far from my best but its the only one I feel is truly finished, its about the kind of love we all dream of but never really achieve for one reason or another, mostly because of our own pathetic limitations towards attachment and expectation. Dostoevsky would like this one.