A Girl of Ice and Snow

A Girl of Ice and Snow
I look at her, me, in the picture,
frozen forever in time as she laughs,
not knowing what is to come, but cherishing it all the while,
now, heavy words lay on my tongue,
goodbyes are near,
to my family, my friends, my world itself, to all the stars in the sky,
“I love you,” I will say to them,
but how do you tell them what you really mean?
a concept so infinite that even the universe will not last to see its end,
I shut my eyes tight, sending angry tears rolling down my icy cheeks,
for I am angry at myself for leaving,
leaving like my grandpa did, whistling down a sodden trail,
now he is resting, forever asleep on a peaceful peak,
I open my eyes to see the girl in the picture staring right at me,
but that is no longer me,
the girl in the picture is frozen, not knowing what true sorrow feels like,
not knowing that soon, she will be cold,
like a girl made of ice and snow,
insides freezing as she thinks, heart slowly turning cold as she walks downstairs where her family awaits,
a single word rolls of my tongue,
for since I have to say goodbye, I say it to myself first,
knowing I will not be the same person I was before,
for who is someone without herself?
She is nobody,
but a girl made of ice and snow.

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