A Girl Who Likes Me

She's looking at me,
Giving me glances, like
Light feet tapping the water,
Prancing along
Footprints embedded on my heart.
The way she looks at me
Her head turned
From the corner of her eyes,
I am the prey; she the lioness.
I feel violated, breached, trespassed
Me overturned, lying on my shell,
Underbelly exposed,
Her eyes scan over me.
When our eyes meet, she quickly looks away.
But at the same time,
My heart dances, jitters,
Leaps, yelps,
Smiles, giggles,
With a little skip-
Why, she likes me!
But then a roadblock-I stop.
I look up at the cloudy sky,
And I solemnly realize
Even if she does like me and even if I like her back,
We will never be together.

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