A Girl’s First Heartbreak

You was there, from a distance
I got older, and started missing
All the things you said you would do, never showing up,
Dad I trusted you
Broken promises, scheduled disappointments,
I wanted your love but you wanted your drugs
Use to find dimes in your pants pockets,
you'd rather be with your friends then a father to your kids,
I could never comprehend
There's just no excuse, dad I trusted you
You weren't ever present; I was still a daddy's girl
Finally had enough, didn't think twice about putting the dueces up
All along I figured out I was getting played
By my own father, you took my love for granted in every way
How could you ever do this, dad I trusted you
You can't tell me you don't feel my pain,
all those calls I never got, that's ashamed
You wont ever notice cause you're that naïve,
you left me damaged, in disbelief
I stopped showing emotion, but always wondered
When were you going to step up, was I important?
Lost my faith cause, dad I trusted you
I'll never be the same cause, dad I trusted you
Can't love a man like I should cause, dad I trusted you

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