A Glance

A glance,
A glance is all I was given,
A mere few moments of time,
Yet, I saw all I needed to see.
From the top of her head, to the shoes on her feet.
Her black hair,
As flowing and beautiful as a tune played on a lyre.
Her eyes,
As bright and as innocent as a star on a country night
So full of Joy,
As if her eyes led to her childhood
When she smiles,
Black and white become color
Its vibrant gleam,
Can turn hell itself to heaven
Her demeanor, as if she knows
She is fully protected,
Nothing to hide, full of light.
With the confidence of a lioness...
And it all started with a glance,
A distant allure
A glance and I was mesmerized
A glance and I was frozen
A glance is all it took,
For me to fall in love.

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