A Glass Half Full

Cold air feels like a needle to my lungs, popping them like the
Balloons a little heart will carry throughout the summer,
Believing that life will forever have the smell
Of true happiness, that only revives
Those who see the glass half full and the
Stars in the sea.

Everyone drowns in a sea
A sea in which they cannot see the
Light they need to breathe and the
Air that reminds them of the warmth of summer.
Sometimes they just wait until someone revives
Them, and lets them breathe in air that doesn’t have the same salty smell.

I remember the smell
Of sitting by the sea,
The air filled with emotions that revives
My numb soul, and the
Feeling of freedom everyone feels in the summer.
The feeling I wish I was still familiar with.

I remember when the
Everlasting smell
Of the summer
Gave me relief; but now it’s a sea
That I can’t get out of. Like in all of the
Seasons, I need to be revived.

I can’t ever see what revives
My soul, and the
Emotions that made me numb come back to the
Hollow part of my chest that smells
Of perfume and the air of the sea
When it meets the summer.

The tide finally starts to move again when the summer
Brightens the eyes of small lives and revives
The sea.
Reminding us that the
Scent of true happiness will not always be here for us to smell,
And that you can still drown in a glass half full.

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