A Glimpse of My World

As I sit here and listen to everything around me going on
It reminds me of how much in life I've truly conquered and won
There are very few things that I take for granted and try not to
Then those things I looked past seem to haunt me ever so true
If I find the things I took for granted later just by chance
There are few but precious memories past at a glance
The end result being that we can't catch every one but try
When they're overlooked I'm reminded, we take none when we die
This being the beauty in life that I've not enjoyed yet
Feelings of rest and unrest are now starting to set
So if to take for granted is as to being everywhere
Then would being crazy be as to being unaware?
Thoughts expressed so often written about allow me a new life to see
And if never were I allowed, how would I ever be free in reality?
Thanks be to the higher power that has given me a soul
Truly to any sad, good, or bad of all the new and all of the old

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This Poems Story

I was sitting here listening to everyone around me reminiscing of craziness in their lives. Now I am of course reminded of all of mine. I can't help to feel blessed for the opportunities afforded to me in life.