A Good Escort

Ma’am, you call me brutish,

But why, I cannot see,

For I am merely an agent of Fate,

And I do as He please

Your comrade, I heavily agree,

Was indeed a good man,

But you see, this is coercion,

And I do not have a stand.

For since ages unknown,

A mere bondsman I am,

Kings, age and desperate men,

Employ me when they can.

The curses you’ve laid on me,

Are undignified and vile,

For along with me you’ll come,

Once your time is whiled.

And I presume you do not grasp,

That I just lull your sleep,

One short period,

And into eternity, you leap.

This is just your act my lady,

And me your good escort,

Like my fellow who brought you on,

I just take you off.

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Write down my sorrows, put my tears into your battle: are they not recorded in your book? Psalm 56:8