A good name is better than riches and greatly to be desired a legacy of open doors everywhere it stands and sounds

A good name it's not the spelling nor the meaning of a noun surpassing the dictionary definition it's a life lived it character of beauty

Flowing from the soul as Scent of perfume poured out generally accepted by all for a memorial of great flashback to be remembered for

Reflections in the memory lane of meaningful living A Summary that all desires to be of images coming to mine

The Witness of a unique lifestyle can't be bought nor found in precious stones more costly than these
An Expression deep within highly principled touching lives

An activated lifestyle to cultivate a living worth emulating of principal will nurtured telling idology of friendly disposition discovered and identified that quicken's our likeness

Full of sacrificial living touching all the living none the way we met them are signature in time signifying a good life

Though true character becoming a Fame a Praise a Name our Impact lives to tell the story in Human Marble

He is a good man is a good name
She is very kind is also a good name

Having sense of pride in our personality to step in the red carpet Hall of Fame

Resounding as favorite as others borrow our names as theirs then we know we have a good name to be proud of it is good to be good and bad to be bad

Oh good character carved our names and the volume of books working in the hearts of men working it out with passion.
Influencing Emotion to see possibilities above all rubies

A good name valued so Priceless
Our Conclusion Stand Out from the crowd
As Such A Cloud of Glory

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