Hallmark Moments

I remember when peaceful droplets of rain water made subtle sounds as it cascaded down my window sill, with an amazing rainbow reflection over it.
Seeing it's beautiful rhythmic pattern, adding it's own soft tranquil music within.
It was like a type of Stravinsky or Beethoven at their very best without the beats.
Perfect strings of quality quartets was welcoming me to join in.
A day i enjoyed the most as i was tempted to watch more or leave.
The silhouette of rain that was coming down so hard like in droves of buckets.
Was refined as a full symphony concerto that had started playing in my head.
I envisioned the acoustics as it echoed, that was so tranquil, that made me close my eyelids.
So beautifully played, as if i were somewhere faraway on tropical island.
It was exhilarating & breathtaking my body & spirit was flying high like on eagle's wings.
Up & over the highest snow mountains such Everest & McKinley the highest of elevations.
It revealed to me how high eagles could really fly until now.
This happens only when i hear the raindroplets.
It's melodies, so invigorating but subtle.
And this too is so tranquil & just right for my taste.

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This Poems Story

Hallmark moments in life brings tranquility with rainbows & the sounds of the peaceful rain. If you really listen to it. It can be like a symphony of sounds & melodies.