A Hammer and a Nail

Well, there I was with green paint in a pail,
Holding a hammer and a bucket of nails.
The summer was long, and I was tired of play.
So, I decided that I would build something today.
I found some boards in Grandpa's old shed.
I even found shingles in a nice shade of red.
This was more work, than I thought it would be.
The house was so small it could fit in a tree.
Without a blueprint, I was really confused.
I explained it to Grandpa, and he was amused.
Grandpa listened to my plan and offered to help.
But, I did the work, and was proud of myself.
I thought painting and hammering was lots of fun.
And, before I knew it, my birdhouse was done.
My plan was to build a doghouse you see.
But, he'd have to be small, and live in a tree.
A lesson was learned that will make me seem smart:
Always check with Grandpa, before I ever start.

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