A Happy Place Destroyed by Fate

A happy place destroyed by fate.
Hair begins to fall,
And countless doctor visits go by
Day by day.
It gets worse, then better, and worse again.
I walk into the room-
So many tears,
So many hearts broken by such a small deadly thing.
I see the woman who brought laughs 'til they hurt.
You've fallen badly,
But I can't help you up and wipe off the dirt.
Please, cut off the support!
Can you not hear the painful moans?
Can you even get anymore loans?
You know she'll go to a happier place than this.
And when we wake up the next morning,
She has left everything and gone there.
She's left more than just her body and items,
She's left memories that will make us cry,
And leave us with a smile when we have run through them all.
You're more than a phone call away now.
If I pray, can hear me?
If I beg, will you see me in my dreams?
If I leave and go where you are,
Even if it's one hundred years from now,
Will you still hold my hand and walk me inside?

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