A Happy Trail

The misty morning intrigues me,
Into the dense I hastily dash,
Heaven seems to have been recreated
The vanilla woods are no longer brash.
Silvery flakes adorn the leaves,
Glistening with a heavenly glow.
I saunter down the twisted path,
A happy trail I leave on the snow.
Finches tweet and beckon me.
I smell the cold encircling me.
A magical moment, I stand bewildered;
My heart soars, I feel liberated.
I rise to the serene blue above;
Eternal happiness fills my bosom…
I float, I glide, … none can stop me.
I enter the gates of the silver kingdom.
Life has now come a full circle,
Nothing pains or hurts anymore.
Into the soft light I dissolve.
Am free, now and forevermore.

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Key Words : Life, Death, Joy, Peace, Poem, Heaven,

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