A Haunting Saga of Love

I couldnt run from it, I couldn't find a way to stay.
The pounding in my heart, never finding the right words to say.
You drew me in with a single touch of you skin.
Forever embedding me with a scar that grows from within.
When the nights were cold and the shadows floated on by
My eyes shed the loneliest tears, as I slowly died inside.
How could you have known you were the one?
How could I have told you that above you, there was none?
The fire we shared, bursting embers when we kissed
How could we have known things would end up like this?
Regret and bittersweet goodbyes, filled me with pain
But little did you know in my dreams, I screamed out, calling your name.
My twin flame, the key to my senses, was lost when that door slammed shut
A harrowing end to a saga that would haunt me like a bladed cut.
But even if you never knew the love I carried for you
At least the shattered pieces of what we shared would carry me through.

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