A haven within your embrace

By Asma I   

Sitting with the flowers,
as the wind caressed my hair.
I feared the interruptions,
because such peace was rare.

The rhythm of his blood,
music that wasn’t fabricated
for an audience, yet filled
my head, with the silence of the
applause for its ambience.

I bathe with these lilies,
while the water cleansed my bare.
I feared the impending mayhem,
because such peace was rare.

Its depth like the sea,
yet definite in its routes,
not within my heart,
yet travels my soul with.
The rest churned my insides, yet my swain
makes it ever so lucidly serene.

I ached under the scorching star
Until his embrace shaded my stare.
I feared the obtrusions,
because such tranquil was rare.

But now my faithful's touch,
makes it only more clear,
I have found my haven,
with no perturbations near.

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